Manage media interviews with poise and proficiency

Do you want to become a respected media spokesman for your profession or industry?

Or learn to reach your target audience by getting your message out there in the media?

Maybe present your own video to market your business?

If so, you need Get Yourself Broadcast Ready – a media training day covering TV and radio broadcast interview skills and the opportunity to learn proven interview techniques from experienced media professionals.

Your presenters are Chris Green and Tom Watt with camera support from Graham Essenhigh.

Course content

– Learning to get on message

– Understanding the needs of differing broadcast media

– Delivering effective sound bites

– Interview preparation techniques

– Practising live radio and TV interviews studio-style interviews

– Overcoming nerves

– Structuring responses to challenging questions

Who should attend? 

Broadcast trainers Graham, Chris & Tom

– Business owners, leaders and directors

– Executive staff, company spokespeople and decision makers

– Marketing and communications staff

Session 1Understanding the broadcast media  

Welcome – appreciating the needs of broadcasters – understanding your target audience – having media appeal

Specific practice skills: Delivering a short sound bite for a radio interview

Session 2Getting on message

Shaping sound bites and key messages – structuring concise answers and opinions – consistency and persuasion

Specific practice skill: Handling a five-minute radio interview

Session 3 – Delivery and poise     

Physical preparation – voice training – controlling nerves – maintaining posture, poise and diction

Specific practice skill:  A three-minute TV interview

Session 4 Keeping an eye on the curve ball

Handling awkward interview questions – anticipation and preparation – accentuating the positive – buying time

Specific practice skill: Handling a tough TV interview 

Other courses in this series: Delivering perfect presentations and speeches, Media crisis and reputation management strategy.

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