Business Media Club blog: Coordination

Let’s Put it All Together’ once sang The Stylistics in typical beautiful falsetto fashion – literal proof, if needed, of the virtue of harmony.

I’m not quite sure where that currently leaves the England football team, who have developed admirably under manager Gareth Southgate but are still very much a work in progress, or Prime Minister Teresa May as she tries to balance a torn cabinet and the best interests of country, party and the views of Brexeters and Remainers but you get my point – whether it is family, business, sport, politics or any other facet of life coordination and balance is vital yet often overlooked.

Coordination ensures things are done in parity, a balanced approach will ensure each facet is weighed up but means you can still prioritise the things that matter most.

Why am I mentioning this? Well, as our Business Media Club 2017-18 season comes to an end in July (to be refreshed in September as we do each year) and we’ll be harmonising the big meeting themes that have featured in the club over the past 10 months.

These themes (and associated skills) are sequenced to focus on the truly important things needed for a balanced approach to communications and marketing.

Streamlining and coordinating everything is an attribute itself. Indeed, prioritising key actions is all important to keeping plans and schedules on track.  

Piecemeal, reactionary, made up on the hoof actions rarely work. Carefully thought out, considered actions undercut by solid beliefs and values do.

Over the past nine months the Business Media Club has focused on planning, character marketing (having character rather than being ‘a character’), inspiration (everyone from three-year-olds to Frank Zappa got a nod of approval here), the immense power of storytelling (we’re a storytelling species so why not?), listening and reaching out to your target audience (not all customers incidentally and starting with those closest first) and the value of a focused approach to connecting rather than merely communicating with people.

Yes, we covered GDPR, but in the context of communication and opportunity to re-engage in a fresh way rather than must-do, begrudged regulation.

We also featured the value of design – how to define our own image be it in branding and other visual imagery, like photography and video.

In June, we addressed the often-difficult issue of confidence – having it, obviously, but also communicating it – how to win confidence and exude it without being a boastful but empty braggard.

So this month’s final club meeting is about coordination – putting all these and more together to ensure it is balanced, harmonised, makes sense – and most of all – gets done. The specific skill we’ll focus on is planning and prioritising.

We’ll be asking our club regulars, who have brought their own thoughts, ideas and enthusiasm to the club over the past year to share their plans, actions and nuggets of knowledge they’ve learned from the club and are implementing into their businesses.

Come and join us…

The July Business Media Club meeting on Friday, July 27 (9.45am-12.30pm) at the CGM Media Centre, Cadbury House, Worcester, WR3 8SG.

For further information call 01905 754336, email CGM at or to book directly visit Eventbrite.