CGM blog: 4 reasons why public speaking can change your life

R-E-S-P-E-C-T – find out what it can mean to you.

Many people fear public speaking yet the benefits are enormous if you learn to master the art.

And let’s make one thing clear – public speaking IS an art – so it requires practise and perfection.

Here are four good reasons why public speaking can make a difference to your business profile, career and reputation so is worth investing in.

1. Profile

People will recognise and respect you as an authoritative voice – whether it is as a business owner, leader or expert or even within your own family.

2. Trust

Effective public speaking builds trust like nothing else – particularly if you seek to inspire, inform or entertain and provide knowledge, insight and anecdotes aplenty. Once people trust you the rest follows seamlessly – new business, great contacts, reputation and so on.

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3. Reputation

Public speaking enables you to get your message out there to a wider or specifically focused audience in a way that is difficult to do in conventional marketing.

It is an amazing skill to have in your armoury. 

Trust can win the admiration of people too – everyone respects someone who can entertain an audience and provide nuggets of valuable information. You can’t do that if don’t know how to speak in public or fear doing so.  

4. Confidence  

Without doubt, the fear of public speaking is the most common communications phobia I come across as a media trainer.

The roots are often in negative past experience or a mortifying fear of failure (not least drying up, being tongue-tied and/or losing your thread). This is understandable but so easy to master if you take time out to learn and practise. 

Patience, skill and empathetic training helps.

But you don’t have to live your life avoiding opportunities or evading your duty to speak up. And no one is going to think you’re weak for not naturally knowing how to do it properly.

Training is relatively inexpensive given the enormous boost it can offer.

Oh, and it’s fun. Our training groups always have limited numbers to keep things convivial.

The bonus is overcoming your fears will do wonder for your confidence and self-esteem and your career progression.


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