CGM blog: All about Inspire 2018

So what is Inspire 2018 all about?

Quite simply and unsurprisingly it’s about inspiration.

We all need a splash of inspiration sometimes and we all like a good story – so we’re combining those ingredients with an event comprising five top-notch true-life business stories told by people who have gone the extra mile or simply done something different, new and/or exciting.

‘I’ is the theme in Inspire 2018 too – not just inspiration but also ideas, integrity, impetus, innovation, impact and imagination.

Who’s on the bill?

IDEAS – First, we’ll start with a great idea.

Dom Portman is a bright young man with big ideas who shaped his business venture during his first week at uni. Fancy Dress Worldwide was born from a need to get kitted out for a freshers ball. Everyone hires fancy dress at some time or other (and there are lots of non-education occasions of course) but where do get your kit from? Dom nailed it and has impressively and rapidly built an impressive worldwide client base in little time.

IMPETUS – Julia Williams was a headteacher who decided the classroom didn’t quite kick it for her anymore so set out to become an entrepreneur. Having built and sold her own property business, Julia is now the co-founder of the Wonderful Worcestershire Awards and also co-producer of Strictly Worcestershire, the county’s most glittering charity event which puts the fun into fund-raising for local good causes.

INNOVATION – Most sole traders or micro business may have skills and experience but fear they can’t match the big boys when it comes to cutting edge technology.

Not so David Emery, owner of Virtechs, a 5D design company, who has shown how being flexible and fleet of foot can outdo and wrong foot larger competitors and also offer career flexibility and choice. An architectural technologist with 40 years’ experience, David provides Building Information Modelling-related specialist advice and consultancy services to a range of clients. He has also branched out into being a public speaker and developed a great work/life balance after a career in the corporate world.

IMPACT – When Dean Walton has his friends devised the seemingly simple idea of mass producing and selling face masks of famous people the obvious place to take it was the BBC’s Dragons’ Den. The venture was called Mask-arade and although it was rejected by the dragons, Mask-arade had the last laugh. Two years ago Dean and his two fellow directors sold the business and at 59 Dean is able to indulge his passions for travel and writing books about his beloved West Bromwich Albion.

We’ll have panel discussions where you can pose questions to our guests. You can also chat to our speakers and fellow delegates and just indulge yourself in thoughts of inspiration. Oh, and we’re kick-starting things with a nice lunch, too.

It costs £30+VAT to attend. Make sure you book early via our Eventbrite page as we have limited seats at our CGM Media Centre at Cadbury House, Worcester WR3 8SG

For full details visit the Inspire 2018 page.