CGM blog: All about the Business Leaders Media Academy

At CGM, we’re really proud to launch our latest media training venture – the Business Leaders Media Academy – on Friday, May 4 (10am to 4pm). It’s Star Wars Day of course – may the force be with us!

We believe the academy will be a real hit with anyone who needs to represent their business in public – whether they are a business owner, director, leader or CEO – or indeed anyone aspiring to reach those heights.

So what is the academy about?

For starters, it will be a regular group of business leaders who will meet for a whole day’s media training for one day every two months.

Each training day will focus on a specific media and communications leadership skill – so it builds incrementally into a range of valuable attributes that can make you a more effective communicator and someone able to truly lead from the front.

But the academy offers so much more.

This is hands-on training – practical rather than theoretical – so those who attend won’t just brush up or learn new skills – they can push themselves beyond perceived boundaries, take on new challenges and learn more about themselves than they thought possible.

Indeed, it is about thought leadership – being a respected voice within your profession or industry – and having the skills to make this work.

You’ll learn alongside a small group of fellow business leaders, which means you’ll get lots of personal attention from our media trainers who will coach you through each day at a steady pace – enabling you to get plenty of one-to-one advice.

Our trainers are all vastly experienced communicators with a proven track record of delivery and expertise led by broadcasters Chris Green and Tom Watt, and ably supported by TV and video technician Graham Essenhigh, digital marketer Ben Feltwell, our lead creative Brendan McMahon and photographer Jonathan Hipkiss.  

The academy is also about interaction and high value networking as you’ll share experiences among delegates who lead and manage their own businesses and organisations, so you’ll get to know more about them and vice versa, which can offer potential reciprocal business opportunities.

In fact, these may even be people you’ve really wanted to get to know better – but time and busy-ness has prevented it. Now you can.

Flexibility is key too. Delegates will choose (with our steer, of course) the future sessions and topics they, as a group, want us to deliver so the academy stays fresh and relevant. We can even revisit areas of difficulty and specialist topics.

Then there’s location. Our Media Centre in Worcester is a vibrant, purpose-designed space with breakout areas so you can stretch out, gather your thoughts, have those valuable one-to-ones and enjoy private moments within the wider training day.

We also have ample onsite parking and we’re in the heart of the country (reachable within three hours we reckon of 80 per cent of the UK’s population) – and just one mile, two roads and three minutes from junction 6 of the M5. Locally, we’re close to Worcester’s main arterial routes.

An excellent buffet lunch and all-day coffee and tea is included, with healthy herbal teas and fruit available to keep your mind, body and spirit tiptop.

Our first meeting on Friday, May 4, is on the theme of so many people’s white-knuckle ride – public speaking. Don’t worry, we’ll get you focused, note-free and able to speak with confidence by the end of the day. Honest. 

Future sessions will focus on key leadership communication skills such as broadcast media interviews, PR, handling media crises, reputation management, personal branding, communicating your business vision, pitching and proposing and article and blog writing.

The Academy offers great value for money – just £250 a day or £1,250 for the year if you sign up to attend all six annual sessions.

To book your place to attend our first meeting visit our Eventbrite page

For further information visit our Business Leaders Media Academy page or call us on 01905 754336 or email Chris Green at