CGM blog: Aspire to inspire and win buy in

Okay, so here’s the conundrum – most of us like to buy but few of us like to be sold to.

The answer? How about winning buy-in instead?

Buy in happens when people share your passion and can relate to your vision, mission and story.

They actively want to be part of what you do. They’ll back you, support you, work for you, buy from you, supply to you – they even become fans of what you do and will be eternally grateful they met you.

And none of this involves selling. How so?

Because great things can happen if you can inspire people and create a vision and mission that makes sense to them.

All of this is a natural outgrowth of character marketing – marketing your values and beliefs starting with that most important of facet – trust.

If people trust you, they’ll believe in you. Respect, reputation, integrity, ethics are all cut from this same cloth.

Setting a vision and mission requires clarity rather than detail. Vision is where you’ve come from and where you’re going. Mission is how you’ll do it. This is more than tactics – it is about motivation and belief.

Great results are achievable by inspiring people to act for all sorts of social, cultural, political, lifestyle and plain old consumer reasons.

That’s why people support good causes or campaigns they believe in. They do so for their own reasons – their own morals, ethics, values and beliefs. But you can inspire them to act.

Customers can become more than mere consumers. They can be raving fans with ravenous appetites for new products and services – and almost evangelical advocates. 

Selling is secondary. No one forces people to queue at midnight for the latest iPhone (or other Apple products for that matter), or when Ikea open a new store, or to view the latest Bond film. With motor manufacturers like Ferrari and Lambretta, people buy in to legacy, imagery and lifestyle.

Winning businesses realise this all about people and getting the best teams on board. They gain investment, market themselves effectively, promote proficiently, use PR to generate positive publicity, source the best suppliers, work with funding agencies, regulatory bodies and membership organisations and so on.

They aspire to inspire. It is all about people.

And that’s why aspiring to inspire is the theme of November’s Birmingham and Worcester Business Media Club meetings.

Winning business – such as learning to present and pitch ideas to potential investors – is all about inspiration. Create a vision of why you are a sound person to invest in – and how the product or service you supply will benefit other people.

And the really good bit is none of this has anything remotely to do with capitalisation. Or how much money you have. It is ideas and ethics driven – and we can all relate to that.

A splash of inspiration is the theme of the Birmingham club meeting on November 17 and the Worcester club meeting on November 24. The specific skill is making business pitches and proposals.

To attend or for further information, visit the Business Media Club page, call us on 01905 754366 or email