CGM blog: Creating a vision map for 2017

Do me a seasonal favour – don’t race to set your business New Year resolution just yet.

If you hold on a few weeks, January’s Business Media Club meetings in Worcester and Birmingham will show you how to set a fresh vision and mission for your business.

This is important stuff. I want you to look 12 months into the future.

Imagine a business that is promoted effectively and has a positive profile and enviable image and reputation.

This is a business led by people with vision guiding a talented team inspired by a mission they’ve bought in to and are capable to deliver.

Or you can opt for the same old, same old – setting out an over-ambitious plan that stands no chance of working (actually, deep down, you probably know it cannot be realistically achieved) so it falls apart within weeks (days, probably), filed away, never to be seen again.

Which vision do you prefer?

At January’s Business Media Club meetings in Birmingham (January 20) and Worcester (January 27) we’ll show you how you can build a vision map for your business – and how to draft a PR and marketing plan that deals that with big visions and bare essentials rather than meaningless minutiae.

We want you to achieve great results – but here’s the key. The ideas are already inside your head (honest, they really are). The ambition burns within you. We simply aim to inspire and bring the best out of you.

Interaction is all-important at the Business Media Club. We share light bulb moments sparked by the sharing ‘all egos left at the door’ spirit of our club.

We don’t lecture from a pulpit or impose our thoughts on your business. Instead, we inspire and provide insight with real life stories and practical advice based on experience and expertise. Your voice is heard so you provide the answers and shape your own solutions.

Y’see, the best organisations work to bold visions. Yes, they draft detailed plans and do the doing part of what they do well – but they never forget their true aims and values.

In fact, they also get good at promoting their ethos through high profile PR and effective marketing.  

And so can you. 2017 can be a fabulous business year – but only if you shape it your way then work towards making it truly happen. 

So…what are you waiting for?       

For more details about the Business Media Club, click here.

Chris Green is an award-winning author and broadcaster – and managing partner of Chris Green Media – which inspires organisations to communicate better by connecting deeper.