CGM blog: Don’t get stuck on no man’s brand

We can all spot a good brand when we see one – but how many of us can identify people or businesses lacking a conspicuous image?

Portraying a positive image isn’t about vanity, it’s about consistency.

More than a logo, a professional identity should course through everything you do.

Yes, on one hand that means branding and using matching palette colours in all forms of communication.

It is also about all the character building criteria that bring a business to life – reputational stuff such as PR, marketing, social media, blogging, vlogging and networking.

If you think of your professional image as a constant value-laden process of building and maintaining trust, reputation and credibility then you’ll appreciate its significance.

The biggest lie in marketing is that people buy from people.

Not true. People buy into people, brands, businesses, products and services.

No one likes to be sold to. We prefer to buy in.

That’s why, according to the latest statistics, 65 per cent of online sales are made by people who have already done their research and decided who they want to buy from.

They’ve scanned the market, read what they need to know and are ready to buy.

They’re not interested in haggling, beating you down on price, being open to persuasion or the thrill of the sales chase. They’ve made their mind up.

Now do you see the value of a brand and professional image?

Reliable, recognisable brands offer identity, comfort and familiarity. Many older brands are now cleverly deconstructed, simplified or modified. Newer brands can seem contemporary and fresher – pleasing on the eye, on the ball, up to date.

Your professional image is primarily about promoting why you do what you do and how you do it. What you do – the dynamics and details such as capability, price, service, etc  – often come last.

We buy into people and businesses we identify with and gain our trust.

So do you or does your business need an image makeover?

Are you prepared to get out there to tell the wider world not only why you’re in business but how you do it – and will you match that with consistent branding?

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