CGM blog: Find a solution – dig a ditch

Chris Green Sept 2015
Photo: FT Images.

So there’s this bloke called Paul who lives on our street and who’s well into ecology, supports the Green Party and is just about the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. He has a smile for everyone, always stops for a chat and is community spirited.

Paul often backs his words with action. A few weeks ago, on my way back home from a walk, I came across Paul and some colleagues on a path that cuts through the woods close to where we live in Worcester.

It is notorious for flooding, which can mean a five to ten minute detour to reach the nearest main road, shops, school, nursery and bus stop. It is a real nuisance and it has got progressively worse.

While most of us moan, Paul decided to do something about it. He and his colleagues were digging a small ditch in the precise spot where the water gathers then seeps across the path.

To be honest, it didn’t look too impressive and after they’d finished I wandered back past it to assess their handiwork. They hadn’t seemed to have done a lot – just dug down and along a length of the trench where the water gathers. Nothing too fancy.

But, even though we’ve had some shocking weather and plenty of rain since, the path hasn’t flooded unlike a couple of nearby similar paths. Proof the ditch is doing its job and has solved the problem.

Why am I telling you this? Because we all have problems we can easily solve with a little effort and a splash of ingenuity.  ‘A problem is a solution in disguise’ as my better half often puts it – and is irritatingly right!

So where are the flooded paths blocking the progress of your business or your life and how could you alleviate them?

Sometimes the solutions can be incredibly simple – we just need to pick up a spade, roll up our sleeves and start digging in the right places.

Think about it. It could save you untold trouble down the line and make your life or business (or both) that much easier.

So go on – dig a ditch today.

Chris Green is an award-winning author and broadcaster – and managing partner of Chris Green Media – which inspires organisations to communicate better by connecting deeper.