CGM blog: Getting on the media radar with storytelling

At CGM, we define ourselves as storytellers – across all communication forms.

Stories tell us something about you rather than just what you do (maybe why you do it?) – and they sell – people buy into the value of a good story (it’s in our genes – stories are the way we understand the world).

So from June 2017 at CGM we’re taking the bull by the horns.

Rather than waiting for good stories to evolve which we can circulate as press releases, we want to get our clients’ – your stories – out there proactively to the media. 

Each month, we’ll circulate a media advisory to our wide database of media contacts to highlight your story (by the way, these are proper names we know among broadcasters and publishers. We haven’t just bought a media disk of generic contacts and hope for the best).

These are things you want to say, topics you can comment on with a background profile and photo so they know who you are and can check you out.

Why do we think this will work?

As former journalists we know we all need a shot of inspiration – a good story to tell – and a nudge for fresh angles to revive tired themes that are circulating in the news.

Better still, if this comes from an authoritative source (we back ourselves to have enough credibility among journalists across the spectrum for this) there’s a good chance this will create media opportunities, result in regular coverage and possibly enable you to become a regular media go-to guy – and all the benefits that can bring.

A catch? Not really. A small monthly fee, obviously. And you have to be ‘broadcast ready’. By that, we mean, you need to be able to handle media interviews either from past experience or from attending one of our broadcast-ready media training courses that will equip you with the media skills you need.

Conveniently, we have a course coming along soon – on Tuesday, June 6 at Worcestershire County Cricket Club. So why not sign up now?

We’ll make sure you can tell your story, help you get on message and accustomed to the radio and TV studio conditions with the unique advice and expertise of our three experienced broadcasters (Chris Green, Tom Watt and Graham Essenhigh).

Of course it is also a lot of fun – and a thoroughly fantastic experience. We’d love to see you there.

Chris Green is CGM’s managing director and a former author and broadcaster. CGM provides a range of executive media training courses including our forthcoming Get Yourself Broadcast Ready Media Training day on June 6, 2017 at Worcestershire CCC.

For further information about our media training courses and programmes call 01905 453908, email or fill in our online enquiry form.