CGM blog: Let’s get 2019 started

If, like Nick Lowe, you love the sound of breaking glass then the crescendo of well-intentioned New Year promises and pledges being shattered by the second will be music to your ears.

So, can we now well and truly get 2019 started and make it about you?

Not in a boastful, self-obsessed kind of way – I mean by promoting your values, your ethics, your vision and your character to get your message out there.

Sounds big, bold and brash and why not?

Contrary to popular belief – people don’t buy from people, they buy into people. Conveying important value-driven characteristics like trust, integrity, reliability, ingenuity and creativity is huge.

People buy into why you do what you do and the way you do it – not just what you do.

Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” That’s as true today as it ever was.

Okay, so we can’t change the world on our own – but together we can contribute to making it a better place – and that means working with kindred spirits.

Good people gravitate to one another so if you want to work with people who ‘get’ whatever it is you do then why not appeal to them and ditch the sceptics.

That’s why the better you get at communicating your values – and making them more meaningful, concise, clear and consistent – the better chance you have of touching hearts and souls and truly connecting.

Why am I saying this now?

Because at CGM we’re making 2019 about YOU.

Our 2019 Media Centre calendar is full of inspiring events and training courses that will stimulate your mind, build confidence and character and equip you with valuable skills that will bring out the best of you.

Whether it is learning new communications and marketing skills, devising proactive PR strategies or career-enhancing aptitudes like public speaking, handling media interviews and how to manage a media crisis we have lots of courses that can make 2019 a defining year. Our courses will also inspire you to write blogs, record video blogs and podcasts, and even how to publish your own book.

And we’re starting our brand new Feelgood Fridays – holistic wellbeing drop-in sessions offering mindfulness, meditation, massage, crystal therapy and a splash of poetic licence to stimulate the senses and inspire creativity – all designed to address that burning issue of our time – mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

We’ve also got lots of positive and proactive events including Inspire 2019 and two more Rebuilding the Belief conferences with expert speakers from the world of youth football. Our monthly Business Media Club is now in its sixth year and still going strong.

So why not join us and make 2019 the year of YOU.

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