CGM blog: Nature abhors a vacuum

There’s a key phrase we use at CGM that underpins the value of training and our approach to PR.

It’s ‘nature abhors a vacuum’ – a theory devised by Aristotle who observed that nature requires every space to be filled.

In media and PR terms, this isn’t just spotting a gap in the market – it is placing yourself as an expert in your field.

The benefit of being a media go-to guy is that providing regular expert comment means you raise your profile, boost your reputation and, most of all, builds trust in the minds of your audience.

TV, radio and newspapers are full of quotes from people with flourishing reputations who are recognised and respected for their knowledgeable and credible opinions.

Fact is, many people have the potential to be regular interviewees – but few do enough to make it happen.  

So here’s a question to ask yourself: if a media opportunity came along could you handle it?

This might be, say, a broadcast interview or a speech to an industry audience. If so, could you do it well enough so you’ll be invited back again and again?

You also need to consider the potential cost if you turn your back on the opportunity and someone else (a competitor, maybe?) fills the space? How do you feel then? Nature abhors a vacuum, you see.

Being green with envy is no good. Neither is merely being an expert. To feature on the radar of the media you have to be proactive to gain their attention.

So how do you do that?  

Issuing press releases to relevant media is a good starting point. If you don’t know how to do this employ a PR firm to do for you (ask us at CGM – we’d be delighted to help).

But then you also have to deliver – not just once, but consistently.

Having the ability to impart information concisely, with authority and in a way ordinary people can understand is vital. Industry jargon designed to largely impress your peers won’t do.

You have to learn to cut to the chase and deliver your message effectively in media-friendly soundbites.

This requires training – and like most things in life, you only get good with practice.

My advice? Get yourself broadcast ready by taking some media training.

I would say that wouldn’t I as we host courses in this very subject – but that’s because we want you to succeed and have the skill and experience to advise and impart so you achieve the status you want.

So if there’s a media vacuum in your line of business – could you fill it?  If not, don’t complain if someone else steps in first. 

Chris Green is CGM’s managing director and a former author and broadcaster. CGM provides a range of executive media training courses including our forthcoming Get Yourself Broadcast Ready Media Training day on June 6, 2017 at Worcestershire CCC.

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