CGM blog: Nature’s way to good PR

If you want a suitable analogy for how good PR works, take a look outside your window.

You won’t see a beautiful array of golden daffodils in your garden unless you planted bulbs last autumn or they grow back perennially because you’ve kept the bulbs dry and deeply embedded.

When it comes to PR and marketing, too many people demand an instant splash of colour but fail to heed nature’s ways of focusing on the end result first.

In terms of promoting your business, the long-term aim may be to develop a high profile or/and build those all-important character ethics of credibility, reputation, respect and trust.

You might also want to focus on preparing fertile ground for specific seasonal times of the year when you have specific news or your niche, industry or profession is in the public eye or called upon for comment. 

If you sow the seeds of something interesting or relevant to say then feed and water these thoughts into mature stories that seem real and relevant to your audience your message will get out there and grow into something quite wonderful in any number of ways.

A key part of your preparation should be to train your spokespeople to be ‘broadcast ready’ so they are able to deliver commanding media interviews and glean the long-term benefits of being a quotable expert.

They may even gain that oh, so enviable position of being a ‘media go to’ person – someone the media constantly call for expert comment.

This has high reputational value – but, as any gardener knows, doesn’t just happen. You have to work at it.

Be proactive. Plan your PR stories well in advance. In fact, start now if you aren’t already doing so for summer, autumn, winter and maybe even next year.

Shape your stories, learn to get yourself good at conducting media interviews and plan to have something relevant, notable, different, plausible and consistent to say.

The vivid colours and heady scent of a blossoming business reputation can be yours.

So… what are you waiting for?      

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Chris Green is an award-winning author and broadcaster and managing partner of Chris Green Media.