CGM blog: Scorchio – give cancer a kick

It’s been a bad year for celebrity deaths – but few hit me harder than hearing about Caroline Aherne’s recent passing at the age of just 52.

Caroline defined much of the comedy we know and love today with trailblazing shows like The Mrs Merton Show, The Royle Family and The Fast Show. She wasn’t perfect (who is?) but she was wickedly witty – and found her voice through several characters.

My favourite moment was when, as Mrs Merton, she asked George Best: “Was it all that running around that made you so thirsty?”

So what can we do to celebrate Caroline’s memory? We can mourn obviously – and curse the loss of another wonderful person.

But how about bringing a personal ray of sunshine into all of our lives in the way that Caroline did by shouting out ‘Scorchio’ (the favourite, indeed only, saying of her Channel 9 weathergirl character, Paula Fisch on The Fast Show as she slapped sunshine icons all over the sun blessed mythical country) – then follow it by making a donation to your favourite cancer charity.

We simply have to crack cancer of all kinds and remember it takes so many much-loved ones away from us. Equally, hard though it is, we have to carry on the fight with a cheery smile.

So, go on, say it loud and proud – “Scorchio” – and make a difference with a donation.

Chris Green is an award-winning author and broadcaster – and managing partner of Chris Green Media – which inspires organisations to communicate better by connecting deeper.