CGM blog: We are four

I’m so pleased and proud to write these words – the CGM Business Media Club is four years old.

Wow. When we launched the club in 2013 we had no idea whether our monthly blend of communications training, personal development and quality networking would work. But it has.

We were gobsmacked when 18 of the 22 people who attended the first meeting joined. We were up, away and on to a winner.   

In fact, let’s focus on that last point. ’Quality networking’ soon became ‘…in a sharing setting’ and then a neat phrase that seems to sum up the spirit of the club – ‘All egos left at the door’.

I always mention that phrase at the start of every meeting and it usually resonates with visitors.

The Business Media Club offers more than normal networking. Everyone can share and join in the conversation. You get an opportunity to express yourself and be heard. 

Not that our meetings are unstructured. Our focus is tight on media, communications and marketing – and every one of the 48 meetings held in Worcester and 30-something meetings in Birmingham has had a specific theme and now fits within a ten annual meeting format.

That said, we’re tweaking things slightly this autumn to freshen things up and offer a more defined focus.

The trio of themes – communications, PR and marketing and image and reputation – have gone along with the members’ choice of future meeting themes.

Now there are 10 main themes (big topics) linked to a specific media, communications and/or marketing skill and, importantly, a method of how to apply it. Something for everyone.

Over the course of a year that’s a lot of advice which knits together to form a credible, integrity-driven way to promote and market any person, business or organisation.

It is a balance of theory (what to say and why) and practice (how).

Of course, we’ll be celebrating among friends old and new – recalling some of our success stories (there have been many) and incredible light bulb moments that, thankfully and wonderfully, have been shared among the groups.

Our members are the stars of the show. Some have been with us for years, others for a few meetings. Everyone adds something.

Visitors are always welcome and often pep up the meetings. We all need that.

We’re kick-starting a new season by casting an early eye on 2018. We want everyone who attends to get on message by telling us why they do the things they do.

The secret of great marketing is often the reason and passion for the business we choose to be in. And we reckon it’s time that was teased out and prioritised for the new year.

So if you like the sound of our Business Media Club why not come along and help us celebrate in style.

Our fourth anniversary meeting dates are:

Birmingham Business Media Club: Friday, September 22 – Longbridge Innovation Centre from 9.30am to 12.30pm;

Worcester Business Media Club: Friday, September 29 – Worcestershire County Cricket Club from 9.45am to 12.30pm.

Watch this video to find out what makes the club different from other networking groups and hear testimonials from Worcester club members.

To book call 01905 453908 or email

Chris Green is an award-winning author and broadcaster – and is managing partner of Chris Green Media – which inspires people and organisations to communicate better by connecting deeper.