CGM blog: Why businesses should bang the drum for Brum

DSC_6127Birmingham has the fastest growing rate of start up businesses outside London, has the UK’s youngest population – and many more things going for it.

So do many of our other Midlands towns and cities. Heritage wise, our contribution to the world is off the scale. This region sparked the industrial revolution and is still the beating heart of UK manufacturing innovation. Culturally, we can claim anything from Shakespeare and Elgar to Led Zeppelin and UB40.

So why do we moan into our beer while other cities – Liverpool and Manchester, most notably – have a higher, more prestigious, profile?

Because they talk a good game. And guess what, investment, image and reputation flows.

That’s why we need to bang our own drum and march to a more optimistic beat.

It’s all about confidence. Don’t get me wrong, the ravages of lost industry hit us hard. Lose jobs, lose industry, lose factories and pride can vanish fast.

But we’re bouncing back – trouble is, we’re just not getting our message across as well as other regions.

We can’t blame our political leaders or figureheads – businesses also need to speak up for the region, for their industry, for their own companies and certainly for themselves.

If we don’t do it – who will?

Timidity isn’t an option in today’s fast-moving, multi-faceted, instant communications world.

Our businesses have to get better at telling their own unique story and equipping their people with skills to get their message across effectively so they can ‘up’ their communications game.

Thankfully we have a solution to this problem.

For the past two years the CGM Business Media Club has provided media training, personal development and quality networking in a sharing setting for business owners, marketing staff and other professional people.

Our first club opened in Worcester and we added a second club in Birmingham at Longbridge Innovation Centre earlier this year – ironically on the very spot where my business career began as a fresh-faced Rover commercial apprentice.

We help businesses grow through a structured programme of learning and development which covers Communications, PR & Marketing, Image and Reputation.

To kick start our new programme, we’re urging people to develop ways they can Bang the Drum for Brum – to speak up for their industry or profession and win new business by raising their profile and improving their own communications.

It all starts with a plan, or course – which is why our special Bang the Drum for Brum meeting on Friday, October 23 (9.30am-12.30pm) will focus on creating big messages with minimal effort.

You can meet our members, experience the club and, well, just network to your heart’s content.

Fancy joining us? Click here for more information about the CGM Birmingham Business Media Club and book your seat via our contact us page.

Chris Green is managing partner of Chris Green Media.