CGM blog: Why Feelgood Fridays?

Lots of people can talk a good game – but doing is always more important.

That’s why we’re launching Feelgood Fridays @ CGM in 2019.

Wellbeing and mental health are burning issues of our times. The modern world is beating us and wearing us down. The endless expectation to communicate 24/7 – let alone the pressures of putting a roof over our heads and food in our mouths (and our families) –and the temptation to never switch off and keep on firing.

Worst of all, we’re doing it to our young. Young men aged between 16 and 24, traditionally viewed as the most Teflon to life’s aches and strains, are now most prone to mental health problems – with one in seven suffering depression at one stage or another.

Going all touchy-feely to open up about such problems was once seen as a sign of weakness, now it is high up the HR agenda and across the media, business, politics, sport and culture.

So at CGM we’re challenging employers to not just talk a good game about caring for the their employees but also to do something about it.

The home of Feelgood Fridays is our CGM Media Centre, based in industrial Blackpole where we’re surrounded by hard-working businesses, large and small.


For two hours once a month on Friday mornings, employees can drop in for an all-round wellbeing experience which will include mindfulness, meditation, Indian head and shoulder massage and crystal therapy along with a splash of poetic licence to stimulate the senses and inspire creativity.

We have specialist practitioners delivering different elements and attendees can even shape their own wellbeing sessions.

These include work/life balance mediation coach Mandi Bishop, Jennie Webster and Vanessa Edmonds from The Zen Den in Stourport and Worcestershire’s very own poet laureate emeritus Maggie Doyle.

The aim is to de-stress people and make sure they return to work feeling chilled out and tuned in with a spring in their step and ready to focus and face fresh challenges.

All this for just £40+VAT which includes healthy refreshments.   

Best of all, if you’re the boss paying for your employees to attend Feelgood Fridays, this simple gesture will be appreciated and you’ll be making your own positive contribution and commitment to wellbeing in the workplace.

What do Chris Green Media get out of it? It’s our chance to do our bit for the greater good by supporting local business and helping people live happier, healthier lives.

We have the space and the spirit – so why not use it?

The first Feelgood Friday is on February 8, 2019. For further information and to book your place, visit our Eventbrite page call 01905 754336, email