CGM Business Media Club Blog: Design and define

Some people shy away from personal branding because they think overt self-promotion isn’t for them or their organisation. Sorry, I just don’t get this.

The safety of the pack is partly understandable – there’s a hermit in all of us – but if you keep a low profile why should anyone care who you are or what you do? There are no distinguishing features.

Of course, there’s a mantra that people buy from people. Specifically I believe they buy into the character and capability of people – so why not lift that out and make it work for you?

It is called defining your indefinable qualities – identifying those characteristics that make you stand out as a person, as a company and therefore as a brand.

These are the things that just seem to click when you work with or for someone who just ‘gets it’, they’re a breeze to work with and you seem to be on the same wavelength.

It is about finding and building new relationships that can enable the good to become great.

Imagine if you could bottle that spirit? Then if you could package it into your own brand identity, and market and sell yourself intuitively to appeal to your audience?

This doesn’t mean shouting loudly and crudely from the rooftops but in a way that is consistent with your character.

That’s why building a brand, especially a personal one, is a carefully crafted skill.

It needs to speak for you and encapsulate who you are and what you do – with confidence and other character laden elements – assurance, honesty, expertise, strength and so on.

It needs to be about you but appeal to them (or us).

You can add visual aspects to this – photography, and in particular video, and specifically video blogging, which is a great way to personalise what you do and the character with which you do things and to focus on identified aspects of what you do – whether it is a product, a service or a skill, maybe even a case study or testimonial.

Too many people try to be catch all (especially in unfocused corporate videos) and guess what? It all slips through their fingers. Too general, not specific.

For a brand to work it needs to be clear and, by design and implementation, to be the essence of who you are and what you do – your defined qualities.

We’ll discuss personal branding at this month’s Business Media Club meeting on Friday, May 18 (9.45am-12.30pm) at the CGM Media Centre, which will be hosted by Chris Green with CGM’s creative partner, Brendan McMahon and visual media partner, Doug Anderson.  

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