or-apprenticeship-awards-2015-2STRATEGIC PLANNING, EXPERT DELIVERY

Enabling you to become go-to experts in your industry

Our corporate communications service has one main aim – to enable your business to raise its profile and reputation so you become respected media go-to experts in your industry.

We’ll help shape a communications strategy that:

ao9p2937– Enables you to convey your company vision so you inspire, make sense and win buy in

– Ensures your message connects and resonates with your target audience(s)

– Means your decisions are based on expert sounding board advice you can trust   

– Uses the best and most appropriate communications channels for your business

– Enables you communicate your corporate social responsibility agenda effectively  

We can also deliver all or part of your public relations plan.

You can call on our all-round communications (ARC) team to deliver other aspects of your marketing such as design, photography and video.

We’ll also provide media coaching to support your business leaders and shape relevant communications training for your staff so they develop the skills needed to get on message and assist their own continuous professional development.



et2i4264– Your corporate communications vision is proactively planned, scheduled and coordinated

– Shaped with the advice and support of proven media experts

– Designed to connect with your broad audience – not just customers but everyone your business needs to reach



ao9p2792-2Our media relations strategy team includes experienced journalists Chris Green, Teresa Green, Tom Watt and Natalie Driver.



For further information about our corporate communications service call 01905 754336, email info@chrisgreenmedia.co.uk or fill in our online enquiry form.