When you become a CGM client, you are guaranteed a high quality, customer focused and ethical service


Here is our 10 point customer charter:

1.  A positive and proactive approach – You can rely on us for a can-do, will-do attitude and to always work hard to strive to achieve the best possible results for you and your business.

2. Expertise – We’re media experts so we will provide advice that is designed to promote your business in the best way possible, based on our extensive media and communications knowledge and experience. We know what works, what appeals and, crucially, what can sometimes be a big turn off and a no-go story. If broadcast interview requests result from PR we do for you, we will advise you how to handle them and will with broadcasters on your behalf.

3. Contacts, contacts, contacts – PR is partly about what you know, but also who you know. We’ve got great media contacts so rather than make empty promises about achieving publicity (anyone who offers these guarantees is mad, misleading or lying) we promise to land press releases onto the desks and into the inboxes of editors and journalists who can.

4. Instant feedback – When you appear in the press we will let you know instantly and will send photocopies, PDF’, weblinks to you as soon as possible. If we manage your social media, we’ll post information straight away so the world can read about the publicity you’ve achieved. We don’t charge for this, we just share your enthusiasm.

5. A review for you – Our detailed project reviews and reports are supplied either monthly, quarterly or the end of a project, depending on your requirements. They itemise the schedule work agreed, results, conclusions and future recommendations.

6. Quality – Every business says they offer high quality, but we mean it and can prove it. We write stylish, carefully-crafted content whether it is for press releases, web copy, social media, blogs or other documents and will circulate press releases to specific targeted media (never generic email addresses). Our media training courses are provided by ‘been there, done it’ media experts and are designed to deliver high quality content.

7. We’re on your side – We offer considered, expert advice – whether as a coach, consultant or as part of our media relations service and as a sounding board for ideas. We’ll support you in times of crisis (see our media crisis blog) which can make a business-saving difference to defend the reputation of your organisation. We’re also discreet so you can rest assured that won’t share your secrets with any other businesses.

8. Ideas – At CGM, we’re ideas people. We don’t simply write to order or circulate information which we believe may not work or could even be detrimental. Instead, we generate thoughts and ideas to help boost your business profile and raise your reputation in the best way possible so you can progress, grow and function more effectively.

9. For the journey – Okay, ‘my journey’ is a reality TV cliche, but we truly mean it. We are here to help lift your business to the next level and onto the next step along the business cycle (see our Balls to Marketing blog)

10. Team work – We’ll fit in smoothly and seamlessly with your colleagues and we’re part of an all round communications team who can supply a wider range of services if you wish.

If you like what you have read and would like to discuss becoming a CGM client contact us – call 01905 754336, email chris@chrisgreenmedia.co.uk or complete the Contact Us form.