Are you a young marketer with lots of digital marketing skills but not necessarily the know-how to apply them in a commercial setting for a new employer?

Or are you a business looking to take on a new marketer – but aren’t sure how to get them up to speed on how to market the values of your company?

Either way, the Gen Z Development Programme will provide the perfect opportunity to kick start your career with a specific employer.

The programme offers ideas, inspiration and motivation to communicate the values and purpose of your employer’s business so you can help them shape a targeted marketing approach to win buy-in among your ideal audience.

The six week programme comprises:

Week 1 – The value of core messaging and promoting a character marketing approach;

Week 2 – Identify your target audience(s) and relevant marketing methods;

Week 3 – Develop a reach and ripple out digital marketing strategy;

Week 4 – The value of PR, branding, and photography;

Week 5 – Video marketing and user generate content to provide a multi-media approach to market the business;

Week 6 – Putting it altogether into a coherent plan and set of defined strategies. This will be presented to our ‘passing out’ panel who will advise on the next steps to take your business forward.

Challenges are added for delegates to work on away from the training meetings – including 20 different templates – to provide continuity, growth and progress throughout the programme culminating in a finished plan to relaunch the communications of your business.

For pricing, to book and for further information contact CGM on 01905 754336, email or contact us via our online enquiry form.