MAGGIE DOYLE – 5th anniversary meeting poem

We’re delighted to have Worcestershire’s poet laureate emeritus as a Business Media Club member and own in-house poet.

Here is Maggie’s wonderful poem, written for and recited at our 5th anniversary meeting in September 2018.

An anniversary celebration, gentle slaps on backs

from those of us who need some help, who Chris puts back on track.

He’s like the caring father watching children make mistakes,

he guides, suggests, encourages says “it’s all about the breaks”.


He’s an expert on those media things and Teresa knows her stuff

she’s always there beside him just in case delegates get tough.

But they don’t, for this is not just networking or how to get that deal

this is where we share and learn, our feelings are for real.


He shows how WE can make the breaks, hold our future in our hands

no matter if the firm is large or just a one-man-band.

His ethos covers all of us, we all have our own story,

we define our purpose, update, grow, sit back and take the glory.


You’ll not find growing egos, they’re parked at the door,

these aren’t those type of sessions and let me tell you more

you can’t deal out your business cards, expect referrals ‘cos you’re there

but tell us of your plans and hopes and we’ll show you that we care.


We want to hear your story, what your business means to you

how you want some inspiration and ideas that are new

You’ll find them here, not just from Chris, we all can have a say

it works this chit-chat networking, that’s why we’re here today.


To celebrate the last five years and for what Chris has in store

I’m sure Teresa is still involved, maybe more so than before?

She’s much more than the charming host and PowerPoint guru,

journalism, media (big time) are things that she can do.


We’re encouraged to tell our stories but this is for Teresa

one of the first women sports editors in the UK, (you’d never guess to meet her!)

Two decades plus as a journalist, sub-editor roles too

Regional Newspapers, multi awards, hostess with the mostess, well who knew?


So this is the Business Media Club and it is five years old,

its members meet, share and grow as friendships sometimes unfold.

The warmth of greeting, depth of skills from people we grow to trust

is unique and valued by us all, another five years – a must!


© Maggie Doyle  

September 2018