da-160930-11The CGM Business Media Club’s structured programme of learning and development is perfect for allowing attendees to soak up inspiration and devise fresh thoughts on how to improve the communications and marketing of their business.

Attending the meetings, enjoying the interaction and gaining new insight is fine.

But what about personal development? Why not set some aims and objectives to obtain from your membership of the club?

That’s where a CGM Business Media Club Personal Development Plan comes in.

A Personal Development Plan (PDP) enables you to set some clear personal aims and objectives for your investment of time and money in the CGM Business Media Club.

It prioritises the specific strategies and skills you wish to learn or develop – and benchmarks your personal progress during your time with us.

If there are areas of deficiency or the plan falls off track for any reason, we can revisit it and realign your aims.

You can show it to your employer as evidence of self-development of relevant skills that can enhance your career and enable you to be a valuable asset to the company.

In fact, PDPs are perfect for companies seeking to send different members of their team to the Business Media Club. The plan can identify collective skills needed among the team members who will attend the club.

There is no cost for having a PDP. We can help you design it (we have a template to share) and the initial draft can be done by phone or a face-to-face meeting. We’ll arrange subsequent evaluations at relevant intervals. You can start or end it any time you wish.

There is no compulsion to having a PDP to attend the club – it is purely optional. We simply want you to gain the most from your CGM Business Media Club membership.

For further information call 01905 453908 or email info@chrisgreenmedia.co.uk