Worcester News coverage of HallmarkHulme

“If I was down to the last dollar of my marketing budget I’d spend it on PR” Bill Gates

Why does PR matter?

Because appearing in the editorial sections of newspapers, magazines and broadcast media carries more weight than advertising and usually offers better value.

Potential customers respond favourably to positive publicity – particularly if they like something they have read, seen or heard about you and your business – so they are buying into your profile, ability, experience or expertise and not necessarily judging you on price. They are the best kind of customer to have.

So why choose CGM for your public relations?

Know-how – As experienced journalists we know what media folks are looking for in a story so we can write appealing press releases and provide the information they need.

A contacts book to die for – We don’t just know lots of journalists and editors – we’re respected among our peers. They know, trust and like us. If we need to make fresh contacts, we do. We never promise press coverage for our clients but we will land your story on the desks of people who can.

Win–win – We talk a language the media understands. We always represent our clients first and foremost but we don’t spin sales yarns or bombard journalists with marketing spiel. We provide genuine news stories from our clients and liaise effortlessly between both parties.

It works – We’ve got a track record of delivery to show for our efforts.

Our public relations service includes drafting all press releases; circulation to specific target media (we don’t use generic email addresses); liaising with media, handling subsequent enquiries and photo opportunities; providing immediate feedback to clients and project reviews/progress reports with media cuttings.