Reach out to the people who can transform your business

From its launch more than four years ago, the beauty of the Business Media Club has been how willingly our members and visitors share ideas about marketing and communications.

Aided by our interactive presentations and reluctance to preach about doing ‘the right thing’, delegates are encouraged to talk openly about the challenges they face and how they might overcome them.             

One of our longest serving members is David Carter, pictured above, an experienced independent financial advisor and partner at Arden Associates.

While many businesses are constantly on the lookout for new clients, David has plenty of work to keep him busy and now realises that his work/life balance scales have tipped far too heavily in one direction.

David needs help to tackle his workload while at the same time continuing to deliver an excellent service to his clients, many of whom have come to Arden Associates via personal recommendation.

Should he go down the fellow experienced IFA or apprentice route? There are many key decisions for David to make but one thing is certain – he may already know someone who can help transform his business or that someone can put him in touch with someone else you can.

Let’s be honest, if you needed a favour you wouldn’t stick a pin in the phone book or bleat about your troubles on social media – you’d contact those who you know best.  

We all like to help each other and that’s the approach you should use in your marketing to win new business – we call it ‘reach and ripple out’.

At tomorrow’s meeting of the Worcester Business Media Club, we’re throwing the spotlight on David and encouraging club members and visitors to offer advice to him while thinking about how they can also help their business grow by fine-tuning their messages for differing audiences.

For more information about how you can get involved, visit CGM Business Media Club.