Soul Business blog: Why every day should be like Alum Chine

The start of every day – or working week – should be like a morning walk along Alum Chine in Bournemouth.

As you breathe in the scent of fresh pine, dapples of sunlight offer a teasing glimpse of the promise that lies ahead as you gradually descend to the seafront.

As a child when we holidayed in the West Cliff area of Bournemouth – usually in a guest house with communal bathroom facilities and the 1970s standard miserly breakfast choice – we strolled along Alum Chine to the beach most days.

Those chinks of light invigorated us and got wider as we neared the sea front – usually dribbling a football or passing it back and forth to my brother.

Finally, you reach the promenade with the wide expanse of sun-kissed sea in front of you.

Those walks down Alum Chine are my most cherished and vivid memory of family holidays when life seemed so simple, carefree and full of optimism.

Indeed, when my mum passed away in 2016 I felt compelled to visit Bournemouth and retrace our steps down Alum Chine.

Whoever decided to develop the chines from the remnants of former alum mines was a genius. I wonder how many holidaymakers like ourselves – and lucky residents of the town of course – feel the same?

And that’s why you can shape each and every day like a stroll along Alum Chine.

The energising morning air gives you a feeling of positivity for the day ahead – a spring in the step that is capable of bursting into the potential glorious sunlight if you carry that clarity and warmth through the unfolding day, week or month.

We all make our chances in life – and that includes setting out your vision.

That’s why I advise you to start each day or week like a walk down Alum Chine – full of promise, optimism and possibilities. What have you got to lose?   

Chris Green is an award-winning author and broadcaster – and is managing partner of Chris Green Media – which inspires people and organisations to communicate better by connecting deeper.