Soul Business Blog – Introducing Soul Business

soulbusiness111Welcome to the Soul Business blog from Chris Green Media.

Soul Business is an entire ethos to improve your business communications – and underpins our approach at CGM  from coaching to training, hosting inspirational events and the delivery of our media relations and creative services.

Our aim is to inspire and enable people to communicate better by connecting deeper.

It is a better way to do business as it is a dual-pronged approach to make strong connections with your audience(s) by seeking to win hearts and minds.

Winning minds is about capability – effectiveness, ability and delivery.

Appealing to the heart means connecting at a deeper, more value inspired level – positive and feelgood ‘gut instincts’ to gain trust, respect and credibility.

Soul Business is fundamentally about bringing clarity and understanding to a complex world.

It starts by recognising the effect fast-changing communications have on us – the pressing need to manage different  methods rather than focusing on the quality of the messages we’re sending out.

That’s the wrong way around. It should be message first, method last.

The purpose of Soul Business is to do better so we progress, improve and achieve momentum.

It starts with soul searching – defining who we are, what our purpose is and the qualities that define us –  rationalising our raison d’être.

Only then can we set about communicating our vision and mission so people can buy into us and our businesses so we can inspire, encourage, lead, enthuse, motivate, support, influence and stimulate.

Soul Business is about ‘making sense’ – creating messages that resonate with your audience(s) – whether it is folks who are, broadly, on your side such as staff, partners, network colleagues and peers – or those we aspire to win over – customers, clients, suppliers, media etc.

It is also about focus. Defining and targeting who we want to connect with and focusing our efforts creating messages to meeting their needs can produce better results and develop fulfilling relationships.

We’ll ask you to define your seemingly indefinable qualities – then seek to replicate them so you win fresh business based on values that matter to them and you.

And then to tell it like it is – making story telling work for you in ways that highlight your skills achievements and aspirations whether it is PR, blogs, books, case studies, testimonials, speeches and presentations.

Soul Business is also about a sense of rightness – the positive feeling you get from achievement, and satisfaction from knowing you’ve done things in the right way ethically, morally and by caring and cultivating lasting relationships.

Soul Business is a better way to do business.

We hope you enjoy our Soul Business blogs and will find them valuable and inspirational.