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A better way of business life

Soul Business is an ethos we have created at Chris Green Media to inspire people to communicate better and enjoy a better way of business life.

It is all about creating and developing your own winning business (one that is capable of winning new business and also has winning approach to business) by communicating your own vision, mission and values. 

Soul Business addresses THE most fundamental factor affecting modern business – the need to communicate effectively and to plan, schedule and prioritise by putting the quality of the messages we convey ahead of methods we can use.

This means communicating with clarity and purpose – and building the absolute No1 top priority in business – trust – to develop meaningful business relationships and win buy in to your mission, vision and values for a focused marketing approach that will inspire, engage and appeal to your target audience(s).

Most of all Soul Business is simply a better, more ethical, way of business life.


You can read our series of Soul Business blogs which explains our ten-step process to making Soul Business work for you.


We like Soul Business so much we’re publishing our own book – coming soon.


Condensed into a talk – two hours to regenerate the way you communicate – Chris Green’s Soul Business talk will provide inspiration and motivation to redefine the way you communicate – putting character, trust and values centre stage so you can connect with your audience. Expect to be challenged but also to walk away with fresh ideas to reinvigorate their business.


Our unique programmes bring the ideas, inspiration and motivation of Soul Business to life in a unique training experience – and are tapered to differing types of business people.

Gen Z marketers – young people embarking on their marketing career 

Start-up businesses – people needing to create a clear plan to market their business effectively

Midlands Engine –  manufacturing and service industry businesses needing to modernise their PR, comms and marketing

SME & micro business owners – looking for a fresh approach to marketing their business    

Based on one three-hour meeting for six consecutive weeks the programme enables you to:

– Shape a clear communications plan for your business

– Add character to your marketing to win buy-in

– Identify your target audience(s) and develop a focused approach to winning business

– Devise digital marketing, brand awareness and PR strategies for lead generation  

Delivered by members of the CGM training team, the programme will give delegates a clear plan and set of strategies to develop their business and/or careers. Delegates will also receive an assessment report and ‘passing out’ advice from the CGM team and our associates. 

You can read further details about these courses here.