soulbusiness111A better way of business life

Soul Business is an ethos to inspire people to enjoy a better way of business life.

The aim is to encourage people to communicate better by connecting more meaningfully so they develop valuable business relationships in a way which is congruent with their own ethics and beliefs – and have fun in the process.

It is a philosophy we believe in and work to at Chris Green Media – from coaching to training, hosting inspiration events to the delivery of our media relations and creative services.

You can read our series of Soul Business blogs – which explains our ten step process to making Soul Business work for you.

Soul Business addresses THE most fundamental factor affecting modern business – the need to communicate effectively by engaging hearts and minds rather than boring catch-all marketing.

In addition to our blogs, we provide Soul Business talks and presentations and its spirit is embedded in our coaching and media training.

We hope you will enjoy and feel inspired by our Soul Business ethos.