The BMC & me: Abhinav Mathur

“The Business Media Club is thought-provoking, fun and attended by a great group of people who bring their own passion and insight to the club. I always leave with lots of ideas and genuinely useful information”

Abhinav Mathur, Simply Hosting and Servers

To mark the fifth anniversary of the CGM Business Media Club, we’ve been speaking to members about how the club benefits their business. 

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When I think of Chris Green Media I always think ‘great people’ – and that applies to the Business Media Club as it does to any event hosted by Chris and Teresa.

I attended my first meeting in the summer of 2016 and my immediate impression was ‘wow, what an amazing variety of really switched on people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

It was totally different to the same-old professionals you get at most business networking events who tend to be from the same profession or industry.

I felt immediately welcome in the friendly environment CGM has created and was taken by how easy it was to bounce ideas off people and the overall interactivity between everyone.

The meeting themes are always thought-provoking and genuinely useful.

In my job, I need to communicate with people verbally as well as in writing so the tips about how to build solid values like trust, character and inspiration into relationships is huge.

Of the folks who attend, in particular I like Maggie Doyle, Worcestershire’s poet laureate emeritus, who always delivers a witty poem at the outset of meetings that is always bang on in terms of relevancy and helps to set the tone.

Chris has a calm way of delivering the sessions – but I also enjoy the guest presenters. They all have a relaxed way of communicating their thoughts and passing on their knowledge and expertise yet allowing everyone to have their say and exchange thoughts. It is never aggressive or ‘in your face’.

Personally, I make lots of notes which I integrate into my future planning. There are always some real golden nuggets of information that help your thought process.

I feel challenged at the club which is good as I like to learn new things so it feeds my imagination. That said, it is also fun and there is a wonderful, sharing spirit at the club. It isn’t a competitive environment like some networking events. 

We had a recent session about confidence which was just brilliant. It really explained what is going on psychologically and how to overcome public speaking problems.

I always look forward to the meetings and long may that continue.

Most of all, I’d really like to wish Chris, Teresa and the team very best wishes for five years of the club – it is a truly amazing landmark.