The BMC & me: David Carter

“The Business Media Club has helped me define what we are as a business by understanding our true purpose and reshaping our image and reputation.”

David Carter, Independent Financial Adviser, Arden Associates

The CGM Business Media Club is five and to mark our anniversary we’ve been talking to members about how the club has helped to improve their marketing and communications skills. 

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When David Carter, an Independent Financial Adviser with Droitwich Spa and Studley based Arden Associates, first visited the Business Media Club in June 2015 he had an over-riding issue he wanted to address.

“I was concerned how our industry looked to other people and where we fit within it.”

During a hospital visit some years ago, David told a nurse his profession and she held a mock crucifix shape with her arms. “It was a shocking moment as I had no idea IFAs were so disliked.”

Thankfully Arden has always been able to generate sufficient business from the referrals supplied by happy customers.  

“We don’t seem to be like most IFAs. We have a good reputation and that comes from being trusted and being genuine people.”

“These are the sort of things that Chris Green often mentions at the Business Media Club as being some of the most valuable facets of the marketing any business.“

For David, it was a case of keeping on keeping on best practice: “The club has helped me define why we do what we do and the reason we might be doing some things right and also highlighting other things we can maybe improve upon.”

One area has been the image of Arden Associates, which inspired a rebrand in 2018.

“We decided to freshen up our image as we hadn’t really done anything for 20 years or so and were starting to look dated.”

Out went a flatlined tree logo, in came a more contemporary leaf design. ‘It has given us a lift and our customers also often comment on it and now see us as a more go-ahead business.”

“We probably wouldn’t have decided to do this if I hadn’t been from coming to the club and been encouraged and inspired to act.”

“Everyone faces different challenges and it is good to hear other people’s stories and share the interaction among those who attend.”

A fastidious keeper of the club’s meeting notes, David enjoys taking on the fresh challenges of its monthly themes.

“I always review the notes and try to see if there are different things we can implement into our business.”