The BMC & me: Doug Marshall

“I gained a lot of confidence from the BMC – I like the vibe and feel of the club and its informative nature.”

Doug Marshall, Ormerod Rutter  

With the fifth anniversary of the CGM Business Media Club fast approaching, we’ve been talking to members about how the club has helped them develop their marketing and communications skills. 


I joined the Business Media Club when Ormerod Rutter opened an office in Bromsgrove and we needed to market ourselves.

I’d never really done much business networking and was quite young at the time so I wasn’t too comfortable going out to meet business people but I knew Chris and Teresa as CGM did our PR so it made sense to visit the club.

I really liked it. I visited the Worcester club first but settled on joining the Birmingham club.  

It was informative, but I also really liked the vibe.

Chris and Teresa seem to make every single person who attends feel special, comfortable and welcome.

I lacked confidence and experience of networking, but this didn’t matter – the club includes advice on public speaking so you’re helped and encouraged to get involved.

Also, it’s not a competitive environment. Everything is based on sharing and learning.  Th club’s motto is ‘all egos left at the door’ which is bang on as that’s what it’s all about.  

The choice of themes is also broad but always relevant and Chris backs everything up with hard evidence so you know what he is talking about works.

Probably the most important thing I learned was about the value of storytelling. Chris always encouraged us to write stories – and that is how I now approach things.

I wrote a blog recently based on Chris’s advice to shape it like a story in the way you’d tell your friends and it is really easy when you see things like that but so relevant as that is how we all interact.

I left the club because my role changed so I was more back office than out there but it was an essential part of my business development and I will always have fond memories of being a member.

I wish Chris, Teresa and Brendan McMahon, who works with CGM and was also a very helpful contact, my very best wishes on the fifth anniversary of the club.