The BMC & me: Lorraine Griffiths

“I like the environment – the interaction, friendliness and the focus on big ideas and relevant content”

Lorraine Griffiths

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the CGM Business Media Club, we’ve been speaking to members about how the club has helped their business. 

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Lorraine Griffiths joined the Business Media Club in 2016 and has stayed ever since.

“I felt welcome, it was a nice environment and I liked the people,” recalls Lorraine, who runs a virtual PA service.

“I go to other networking events but the Business Media Club is certainly the most interesting.”

For Lorraine, content is definitely king.

“It’s always relevant and I like the recurring themes including storytelling and blogging, which I have found is useful to offer as a service to some of my clients.”

Although she does other networking, Lorraine likes the monthly feel to the club too: “You don’t have to commit to it every week so it doesn’t become a chore.”

For a micro business the opportunity to win business is always vital: “You have to get ‘out there’ when you work for yourself but have to pick and choose the right sort of events to attend that offer the best value.”

“I have got business out from attending the Business Media Club, which came from one of the other members, and I am sure other opportunities will arise. The club isn’t solely about that, but it does help.”

“You get to know more about people more from exchanging views – and the conversation is always kept going through the coffee break. It is nice to have those one-to-one chats and then carry your thoughts back into the meeting.”

Lorraine is a fan of the big meeting themes which are put into context by matching them with a specific skill.

“I love the big themes. There’s always lots of talk about setting big visions and focusing on values. I really liked one recent meeting which was about the need to build trust.

“These are massive topics that tend to get overlooked but things you need to make sure to get that across in your marketing – and, in my case, the marketing you may do for other people. It is definitely useful information.”

So what would Lorraine say to anyone thinking of visiting the Business Media Club?

“Give it a try. What have you got to lose? It is definitely different and, as Chris says, all egos are left at the door so there is an inclusive feeling of honesty.”