The BMC & me: Ruth Allsopp

“We are always looking for innovative ways to train our staff and the Business Media Club is perfect – it is different and full of valuable tips and great ideas”

Ruth Allsopp, strategic project delivery manager, Titania Ltd

To mark the fifth anniversary of the CGM Business Media Club, we’ve been speaking to members – both past and present – about how the club benefits their business. 

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When Chris asked me to write a blog to help celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Business Media Club I was only too delighted as the club has proved invaluable in developing skills among our marketing team at Titania.

As a start-up or growing small business (we only had ten employees when I first visited the club in 2013), you can’t always employ experienced people with all the requisite skills, so you have to provide relevant on the job training.

Back in 2013, I was in charge of marketing at Titania and was doing a part-time marketing degree to help my development. Trouble was, many of the things being taught were either outdated or too theoretical.

Although it had only been running for a few meetings, the Business Media Club wasn’t like that at all.

It was innovative, up-to-date and the experiences people shared were real and actually happening in their businesses right there, right at that time.

The people attending were, and still are, from differing backgrounds which I think works really well – it’s not the same bunch of industry professionals – and everyone has the same interest in improving the marketing and communications of their businesses so we were all sharing similar experiences and trying to achieve the same goals.

The knowledge on offer was valuable and different. It wasn’t regurgitated from a text book but skilfully led by Chris Green, who has lots of knowledge and experience from working in the media.

It was also good networking – especially the ideas being exchanged between members and it truly helped for my own development at the time.

As my role at Titania changed, we realised the club would also benefit other employees working on marketing so I passed the baton over to Alina Stancu, who was doing PR at the time and stayed in the club for the following year, and then Xena Graham, who largely works on events, who attended the club between 2015-16. Latterly, a fourth employee, Andrew Aitken, has been to club meetings.

But the club isn’t just about training and self-development.

We met an interesting business consultant at the club who has worked with us over the past two years. As we understood that bit more about him from being at the club – his approach and thought process – it didn’t feel like taking on an outside consultant we didn’t know. We instinctively felt he might be a good fit for us – which has proved to be the case.

Chris and Teresa have also worked with us and delivered specific media training to members of our team – and again, that came from knowing and trusting them from the way they organise the Business Media Club.

I think the club also supports business people who may feel slightly isolated – whether it is running their own business or being the sole person responsible for marketing at a small or medium sized business.

We all need some inspiration at times – and the Business Media Club is ideal for that.

I wish it all the best going forward and feel sure Titania will continue to be part of the club’s future.