The BMC & me: Tim Clarke

“The club encourages a culture of sharing best practice and good ideas that anyone can benefit from.”

Tim Clarke, Consumer Council for Water 

The CGM Business Media Club is five and to mark our anniversary we’ve been talking to members about how the club has helped to improve their marketing and communications skills. 

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“I attended my first Business Media Club meeting in 2015 with my colleague, Richard Emmett, who worked with me in communications at the Consumer Council for Water.

“Although we were communications professionals and our backgrounds are both in journalism, it is an area that is always evolving with new things to learn all the time.

“The Business Media Club puts communication front and centre to everything you do and addresses change and how to communicate effectively, both externally and internally.

“I like the emphasis on the sharing of best practice and to hear how this applies to people from differing walks of life and a wide range of businesses.

“The first meeting I attended was about messaging and how to reach your target audience. It was truly thought provoking and fascinating to hear other people’s experiences and made us think about our work as communicators.

“The meetings are always managed professionally by Chris and Teresa, who have a calm way of leading the sessions but also allowing everyone to have their say and express how they feel.

“With CGM you get real expertise. All of their team are vastly experienced across the full gamut of communications whether it is PR, social media, design, video, photography, even book writing, so it great to have access to their advice and thinking. 

“The club inspires people to share their thoughts. Everyone has the opportunity to chip in – and although sometimes these can be negative experiences, they always find solutions and I always leave with lots of positive thoughts.

“I also like the networking aspect to the club too and the diversity of people who attend. I get to meet some really excellent people I wouldn’t normally have access to.

“It gives me the chance to escape the public sector bubble and share ideas with ‘real’ business people which I find invaluable.

“For example, with businesses now able to choose their water supplier, it is highly important for us as an organisation representing consumers to find out how much business owners know about this and to understand the sort of language we need to use to appeal to them a as an organisation.

“In a small way, it also helps us raise the profile of the Consumer Council for Water too.

I think the club will always be useful for what I do and the time spent at the club is always worthwhile.

“Chris and Teresa are to be congratulated for what they have done for businesses across the region and I hope the club will continue for many years to come.”