In marketing they say sell the sizzle not the sausage.

At the CGM Media Centre we say wake up and smell the coffee (or enjoy a refreshing herbal tea).

That’s why the percolator is always on – and we’re well stocked with fresh fruit and nuts to feed healthy minds and bodies. And as we’re Fairtrade all the way, we’ve got good hearts too.

Why? Because we’re ideas people and we want you to feel energised and enthused to enjoy your training experience and see our Media Centre as a place to be:

– Inspired

– Engaged

– Motivated

– Ready to learn with a positive and proactive attitude and to have fun.



We also have top tech and all the equipment you need to enjoy a fabulous media, marketing and communications training experience with us.  This includes screens, presentation equipment, recording and playback facilities.






From vinyl and reel-to-reel tape machines through to modern recording gear – and award-winning books written by the CGM team and authors we like – there’s lots more to the CGM Media Centre than just training.

Everything is media themed for a relaxing, iconic look and feel. You can even tune in to some of the TV and radio programmes we’ve made to see the folks who are delivering your media training – with a wealth of first hand experience and capability.



View our great range of courses, events and programmes and to book your visit to the CGM Media Centre, call us on 01905 754336, email or click here