Inspiration, interaction and a sharing environment 

So what do you get when you visit the Business Media Club?

For starters you’ll receive a warm welcome and copious tea, coffee and biscuits throughout. What else?:

– Sharing spirit – all egos are left at the door – no fake bravado or pulpit preaching
– Interaction – your voice is heard – we share experiences and learn together
– Inspiration – you can take away loads of thoughts and ideas
– Motivation – ways to implement the things you learn – including an agenda and take home notes

But don’t just take our word for it, listen to our members…

Andrea Maddocks MBE, founder and CEO of MentorLink

“The club offers valuable information and advice on how to get your message out there. All the members are really friendly and helpful and you learn from them too”


Tim Pearce – managing partner, Haines Watts Accountants

I love the interaction with like-minded business owners where everyone’s point of view is respected. Its about ‘all ego’s left at the door’ and everyone’s business not just your own”


Mike Bowden – Changing Outcomes 

“The club encourages light bulb moments and interactive discussion, where best practice is openly shared. I leave the sessions enthusiastically planning the next stage of my professional development”


Ben Feltwell, Baldur Digital

I enjoy the interactivity. The highlights for me are the glimpses that come from shared knowldge – the small insights and provide key information and can make such a massive difference”

Brendan McMahon, director, Classic Lines Design

“Every meeting delivers a new and unexpected gem of information. The group is not only business driven but offers everyone a chance to ask questions and get answers in a fun and professional environment.”


Lorraine Griffiths, Virtual assistant

“The club provides a relaxed, friendly environment to meet like-minded people and learn. You can really build relationships with people and it is always interesting content”

Maggie Doyle, Worcestershire’s poet laureate emeritus

“A very informal atmosphere with a lot of good proven facts and information to take on board. It’s brilliant”

Pauline Newcombe – managing director, 3CF

da-160930-24“The Business Media Club is my little treat at the end of a busy month. I can escape for a little self-indulgent ‘me’ time. Two years ago we were still in the marketing Jurassic period, now we have joined the 21st century and the marketing platforms we use mean we work smarter for more reward.”  


If you’d like to join the Business Media Club in Worcester, call us on 01905 754336 or email