Why being a Soul Business matters in 2019

Our ethos at CGM is Soul Business – communicating from the heart to truly connect with people.

Winning hearts and minds matters if you want to appeal to people logically (their minds) and emotionally (hearts).

Actually, it’s all going on in our heads but how we feel counts hugely.

Soul Business is based on fundamental principles that work best in life as well as business.

It’s all about communicating with confidence, clarity and purpose.

Firstly, you can bend the methods (which change with time), but the quality of your message counts most and should be enduring, permanent and consistent.

This can seem hard to achieve in a world of invasive, time-chewing social media which can leave us feeling overwhelmed and undermined.

Soul Business gives you permission to take back control – to just say no to the apparent pressure to communicate 24/7 and to realign the values that matter most.

Communicating trustworthiness (worthy of being trusted) is your No 1 goal. Without trust, you’re lost.

Ethics, reputation, integrity, endeavour, enthusiasm – they’re all cut from the same character cloth. Having ‘character’ rather than being a character (a ducker and diver) is your main aim.  

This is more important than ever.

It may seem that any self-opinionated jackass can dismiss uncomfortable truths as ‘fake news’ and use social media to expound their own unfettered views.

Glanced through this warped lens our most respected media institutions – such as a public service broadcaster like the BBC – can seem under constant attack and even levelled out by people who live on the margins and view fairness and impartiality as false, weak or just plain wrong for their own expediency.

Troubling times, eh? Well, yes…and no.

Soul Business is about doing the right thing – having a principled vision and mission and the purpose to act on it.

The aimless but potentially harmful flails at the conventional media by flawed characters such as Donald Trump and Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) – can seem important but they play to the crowd primarily for their own purposes having found a medium (social media) that seems to offer endless short term possibilities.

But organisations like the BBC (‘free, fair and impartial’) will eventually win because like every good Soul Business it has a strong sense of purpose.

Although its journalists – and for that matter entertainers and other employees – are often paid less than their commercial counterparts the BBC consistently overachieves.

Look at the BBC’s local radio stations. During extreme weather conditions local radio staff do all that is needed to provide urgent and essential community updates for their loyal listeners.  

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. They are driven by deeper values.

Oh, and it has enormous global reach – BBC Online is among the top search engines in the world.

It also offers an incredibly rich variety of content and in 2019 as ever, quality content and storytelling are still king.

We’ll always be suckers for a good story. Trump, Yaxley-Lennon and co offer short term rhetoric and the latter’s endless ranting about why ‘ordinary people’ (his version of ‘ordinary that is – i.e racist) should avoid paying the BBC licence fee is just boring – and plain daft.

Is anyone with an ounce of sense going to forego dozens of TV and hundreds of radio channels covering all kinds of content from news, art, drama, music, nature, science, technology, sport, business and so on all for the princely sum of £154 a year in preference to his fake news?

Quality content (lots of it), storytelling in abundance and a strong sense of right-ness (doing the right things) are all key credentials of Soul Business – which are more relevant than ever and adaptable to modern communications (which change anyway – have you used a fax machine, word processor, DAT, mini disc, cassette recorder recently or dialled up to use the internet recently? Me neither.)

Times change, values endure.  

Soul Business is a regular blog, a book (coming soon) and a talk.

CGM’s next Soul Business talk is on Wednesday March 6, 2-5pm at the CGM Media Centre. Cadbury House, Worcester, WR3 8SG. Visit our Eventbrite page to book.